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32 Years of Experience in Health and Wellness Industry.

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Utilizing Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics and Therapies that help you get back your health and maintain quality Life!

we have picked the very best natural products to help you along your wellness journey.

Sports Nutrition

We can help enhance your fitness goals with the proper food and supplements.

EMF -5G Resources

Eliminate and harmonize harmful EMF's/EMR's from your home,workplace and vehicles!

Therapies We Offer for optimal Health and WellBeing

Nutrition Coaching

Know what foods work and don't work for You!

Harmonize your body

Vibro acoustic therapy helps reset your cells.A therapy to bring your mind and body into balance

Cell WellBeing

Bio HairScans your cells don't Lie, they show the epigenetic factors that determine your wellbeing.

What People Are Saying

"With Care and compassion,Kim and Greg have the most knowledge in Chatham-Kent when it comes to your Holistic Health and Wellness"

"I wouldn't go anywhere else then to Kim and Greg for my health ansd wellness needs.You need to go see them at GaiaWellness !"
"Greg and Kim are extremely knowledgeable in natural health. They are the only people I trust"
"I highly recommend this place. Greg and Kim have many years of knowledge and experience in the hollistic wellness field. They have caring hearts and wonderful attitude!"

GPS to Your Health!

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The way to achieve Health and Wellness by changing your environment inside and out!

Health & Nutrition Articles

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natural antioxidants

get out and enjoy nature!

Eating for the "health of it!"

quality over quantity

Optimize your workouts!

10 to 45 min workouts that will change your life!

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