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Our Mission

Helping others achieve their Best Life

Extraordinary Experiences

Kim Iles and Greg Foster started their wellness and health journey more than 25 years ago in Chatham Kent. Greg was a body builder, and worked for a major Sport’s Nutrition company, and Kim opened a health food store in 1993 called Alternative Choices. Over a span of many years, the two eventually opened their own health food store together in 2004 called Choices 4 Wellness in Chatham. They were the first to have a radio show on health and wellness on a local station. Kim eventually continued her Wellness With Kim Radio Show, while Greg expanded into his own gym, fitness classes, nutritional consulting and more. The two decided to close their store in 2012. Owning a store during the recession years, caught up, and they decide to pursue their passions in other ways. Greg continued his fitness camps, worked with children at T.J. Stables, and Kim maintained Wellness With Kim.
For the past 4 years, Kim and Greg worked at a local health food store. Since it was not locally owned, Kim and Greg were able to bring their expertise and customer base, and their 25 year following to this new business when it was started . Kim was able to use her expertise in opening stores, after doing so for franchising in the 90’s. Greg was able to offer expert advice in areas of Sport’s Nutrition, and supplementation, purified water and areas he was well versed in. Kim continued to grow her Wellness With Kim Radio Shows on both CFCO, and CKXS locally, as well as support her customers of 25 years as well.
For the past 3 plus years, Greg has expanded to offer the only practice of Cell WellBeing, bio hair scans, ( using Epigenetic indicators found in the cells of the root bulb…not the hair ) in all of S.W.Ontario. This service has helped hundreds of clients find root causes of their DIS ease states, and give them a GPS type report to journey forth to optimize their health. Greg has clients coming to his practice from all over S.W.Ontario and beyond. Word of mouth has shown that it works for finding answers !
In Jan 2019, the two left their employment in Chatham, to get back to their original goals of assisting people on a truer path of wellness in Kim’s hometown of Blenheim Ontario. Feeling frustrated with the old model of offering mass bottles of pills, seeing people repeat the purchases over and over for decades, Kim and Greg decided to pioneer more of energy based healing, getting to root causes, and offer real solutions, and move away from quick fixes. While supplements still play a role at GAIA…they offer many other solutions.In a time of supporting locally owned businesses, Kim and Greg felt it was important to open their Gaia Wellness Center in Blenheim. This being Kim’s home town, and getting away from the hectic pace to a more serene location, was a good move for their goals of offering meditation, cooking classes and more back to basic approach to wellness. Greg now also offers Vibro Acoustic Therapy. Using a more energy based technique, people finally have a way to slow down, reduce pain, stress, and reach a core healing ability in their own bodies.
Kim and Greg are offering podcasts, and many areas of reaching out and sharing their journey. Learning as they go, and sharing that with everyone they have always supported. They recently joined forces with a company that will change the face of nutrition, offer Essential Oils and other nutritional products, without the confusion of a wall of pills that all look the same, and cause customers even more stress! (lol) Join the Gaia Wellness journey. It is a unique wellness center, and as it grows and expands, we all benefit from supporting a locally owned , and a place where you benefit from 30 plus years of knowledge, training, and the vast expertise that Kim Iles and Greg Foster can share!

Our Core Values

  • We strive to support our customers in any way we can.
  • Everyone is treated equally
  • Our facilities have the best Air purification capablities ,killing airborne bacterias and viruses and also on contact therefore keeping everyone safe!
  • We have always and continue to bring the highest quality products from natural sources and at best prices.